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How to join the military

By jrosef

Iraq War FactsEver wondered if you have what it takes to join the military? I'll give you the requirements.

Step 1 - First I will give you some requirements that will get you in or keep you out of the military...

* You must be at a good weight, if you are overweight you need to drop some pounds to a reasonable healthy weight. I can't tell you exacly what the weight will be since it's different for each person but if your BMI is over 30 you will probably be to heavy.

* For the most part you must be between the ages of 18 and 30, under some circumstances they will allow younger or older.

* You cannot have any major health problems, this includes diabetes, cancer, asthma, etc. However, they will not keep you out for things like alergies or athletes foot.

Step 2 - Second, figure out which branch of the military you want to go into. There is a lot of rivalry between the branches but no matter what you choose you'll be serving your country. If you like the water go with the Navy or the Coast guard. If you want to be an elite go with the marines. Look up in the phone book or online the phone number to a recruiters office. This is the person that is in that branch that will talk to you about joining.

Step 3 - It is the recruiter's job to get people in so be careful of their taktics, you have to make this decision yourself. Some things to consider are Active vs. reserve. Do you want this to be a full time job or part time in addition to your current job? Talk about signing bonuses, right now you can get thousands of dollers in bonuses for certian jobs and branches! Talk about the GI bill, which is a government program for military that pays money for school. You generally pay $1200 into the program but you will get way more out of it when you decide to go to school.

Step 4 - Joining the military is a big choice so make sure you are certian. When you sign the contract it is for 8 years! Most people do 4 active and 4 innactive reserve (which means your name is still on the books but you don't have to do any time). Consider if you want to be military for the rest of your career or if you want to do it for a short time then go to college or get a related job in the civilian (non military) sector.

Step 5 - If you decide to join and sign the papers get ready for basic training. It is very phisically and mentally ready. You will have to pass physical fitness tests and be worked out constentlly. Mentally it's hard because you'll have someone yelling in your face.

However, military life can be very rewarding. You'll have good pay, excellent benefits, and you'll have people walking up to you thanking you for your service. If you have a family they will always be taken care of because military takes care of their own.

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